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In the German Armed Forces

rekrut.jpg I've been in the German armed forces since the 1. of July 2001. Probably I'll have to work there for 9 months. At least I think this is a good excuse for not updating this site very often ;-).

Anyway, I took some time to put this photos online. First the not so nice ones, so this is a photo of myself ;-). Ok, it's not very flattering, but trust me: Some photos they took of my comrades are even worse.

group.jpg Next a picture of my "group". Most of the training in the first 2 months is done within these groups. This are the guys with whom I crouched through earth, mud, slime and things you really don't want to know. In other words: This first 2 month are the interesting (ok, you may also call it shit - yes I think you should call it shit...) part of the training.

bat.jpg The last "people photo" shows my whole "Batterie". A Batterie is something like a company.

Wasch.jpg Ok now let me show you, in which luxury we live ;-). On the right you see our super comfortable (*hint* *hint*: That was irony) washing room. Haven't we done a good job in cleaning it? Thanks to our bosses we got enough time for cleaning tasks...

Dusche.jpg And our showers aren't bad either!
G3_1.jpg Now let's come to our personal eqipment. The most important think seems to be our rifle. In the first time this was the G3. The G3 is, well I suppose it rather was a good assault rifle int he good old times... What is remarkable of the G3 is, that you clean it for hours, days and weeks without getting the rifle clean. According to our bosses this is a good thingtm
G3_2.jpg Fortunately we got a new rifle after 2 months. The G36. This is quite a "good" rifle (apart from the fact that it is a weapon). Let list its advantages above the G3

  • ca. 1 kg less weight
  • 3X optical sight
  • looks like a cool space weapon from Toys'R Us
I haven't a photo yet, you will find the inforamtion here.
M119_1.jpg Ok, now let's come to the bigger stuff ;-) Our self-propelled howitzer M109. This howitzer has a 105 mm gun. The M109 is an old american modell. Many of our M109s don't work at all, and the others have the habit of suddenly breaking down when used outside.
M119_2.jpg In March 2002 we'll get the brandnew Panzerhaubitze 2000 (I use the geramn word here, since this is a german modell). I will leave the German amerd forces by then. The PzH 2000 is able to fire faster (it needs less time to get redy to fire and it can fire more rounds/min). And the PzH 2000 can fire while it is driving. You'll find more information here.
With the new PzH 2000 the BW will completely switch to the new fire-guidance system ADLER (Artillerie-, Daten, Lage- und Einsatz-Rechnerverbund). Find more information here. Unfortunately ADLER uses Win 3.11. In my mind it's not such a good idea to fire 45kg heavy projectiles, when you use Win 3.11 to aim. And when using the new ADLER with the old IFAB system (like we have to, since we have the old M109), the ADLER crashes quite often.
schloss.jpg Ok, now to something completely different. The photo on the right show the perhaps most important parts of our equipment. You see
  • a padlock
  • a helmet
  • a folding spade
Let's put this things together: You need the padlock to secure your locker. But since soldiers are not so clever it happens every now and then that they loose their key(s) for the padlock. So they have to crack their padlock using the folding spade and a helmet. There's nothing more behind it ;-)

Ok, I think that should be enough. If you ask me if I actually like my thime in the German armed forces, I'm not sure what to answer...


My DZE (end of service) was at March 30th 2002

Intellect annuls Fate.
So far as a man thinks, he is free.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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