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Fool your mind!

You think you're hyperintelligent? You think your brain is bugfree? Hah! Take a look at these pictures


A nice memory game. You must have a java enabled browser, which can at least understand Java 1.1. (IE > 4; Netscape > 4; Konqueror, Mozilla & Opera with Java Plugin)

Math fun

Fun with circles. Ok, from 10 people, 7 say it's boring, 2 say it's not fun, because it's logic, and 1 think it's great fun. A chance from 1 to 10. But perhaps you'd like to give it a try ;-)

A neighbor came to Nasrudin, asking to borrow his donkey. "It is out on
loan," the teacher replied. At that moment, the donkey brayed loudly inside
the stable. "But I can hear it bray, over there." "Whom do you believe,"
asked Nasrudin, "me or a donkey?"

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