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Fool your mind!

You think you're hyperintelligent? You think your brain is bugfree? Hah! Take a look at these pictures


A nice memory game. You must have a java enabled browser, which can at least understand Java 1.1. (IE > 4; Netscape > 4; Konqueror, Mozilla & Opera with Java Plugin)

Math fun

Fun with circles. Ok, from 10 people, 7 say it's boring, 2 say it's not fun, because it's logic, and 1 think it's great fun. A chance from 1 to 10. But perhaps you'd like to give it a try ;-)

Approaching the gates of the monastery, Hakuin found Ken the Zen
preaching to a group of disciples.
"Words..." Ken orated, "they are but an illusory veil obfuscating
the absolute reality of --"
"Ken!" Hakuin interrupted. "Your fly is down!"
Whereupon the Clear Light of Illumination exploded upon Ken, and he
On the way to town, Hakuin was greeted by an itinerant monk imbued
with the spirit of the morning.
"Ah," the monk sighed, a beatific smile wrinkling across his cheeks,
"Thou art That..."
"Ah," Hakuin replied, pointing excitedly, "And Thou art Fat!"
Whereupon the Clear Light of Illumination exploded upon the monk,
and he vaporized.
Next, the Governor sought the advice of Hakuin, crying: "As our
enemies bear down upon us, how shall I, with such heartless and callow
soldiers as I am heir to, hope to withstand the impending onslaught?"
"US?" snapped Hakuin.
Whereupon the Clear Light of Illumination exploded upon the
Governor, and he vaporized.
Then, a redneck went up to Hakuin and vaporized the old Master with
his shotgun. "Ha! Beat ya' to the punchline, ya' scrawny li'l geek!"

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