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KSetiSaver changelog

11.12.2002 FINALLY fixed the GCC3 compatibility.
           There also quite much internal changes to prepare
           KSetiSaver for manual WU transfer, which I didn't
           mention here, however this featur is not implemented

24.08.2002 changed verson info in about box ... *ups*

22.08.2002 Fixed minor bug in KSetiwatch configfile parser
           added corrected version of the french translation

01.08.2002 I have added the new french translation from Cyril
           I will now release 0.3

18.07.2002 NOW KsetiSaver should be able to kill the setiathome
           client. KsetiSaver no longer tries to catch any signals,
           since it seems that screensaver s get killed via SIGKILL,
           which can't be intercepted.
           KSetiSaver now uses a shell script, which kills setiathome
           when KSetiSaver ceased to exist.

10.04.2002 It seems that KSetiSaver is now able to detect
           Transmissions with Berkeley.

09.04.2002 FINALLY got i18n running. That was hard!

07.04.2002 added "using namespace std;" to setiparse.h. Otherwise
           GCC 3.0 doesn't compile.

04.04.2002 fixed 2 small bugs in tripletscreen and pulsescreen
           (fix by Gordon Machel)

31.03.2002 Finished the KSetiwatch import functionality

30.03.2002 fixed a drawing bug in taskinfoscreen.
           Added "Transfermode" display to taskinfoscreen (can
           only be automatic for the moment)

29.03.2002 rewrote the config stuff: All configuration data is
           now encapsulated in the "configuration" class
           Fixed a minor drawing bug in pulsescreen.cpp
           Added the "Data is stored in location" line to the
           task info screen

28.03.2002 Fixed a painting bug in positionscreen.cpp
           (bugfix by Klemens Meyer)

23.03.2002 Fixed a bug that causes KSetiSaver not to stop the
           setiathome client. (It seems that KDE exits the
           screensaver via SIGINT, so this signal is catched now)
           Replaced the "signal artificial" with "signal quality
           for "scientific correctness" ;-)

22.03.2002 Spend more work on the taskinfo screen
           updated to KDevelop 2.1

21.03.2002 More accuracy in positions screen's frequency display
           Added taskinfo screen

09.03.2002 added sound support
           cleaned up the code here and there

08.03.2002 KSetiSaver now runs centered on resolutions other than
           The skymap picture is loaded only once
           The KSetiSaver.desktop file is now installed into
           I hope this fits more distrubutions out there

07.03.2002 Fixed a bug in Gaussian- Pulse- and TripletScreen which
           causes a crash (fix by Gordon Machel)
           Fixed a bug in TripletScreen and PulseScreen, so the graphs
           are no longer truncated.

03.03.2002 KSetiSaver can start the SetiClient by itself

02.03.2002 replaced #include <kapplication.h> with <kapp.h>. Hope this
           compiles on more systems

01.03.2002 fixed Bug with text position in Gaussianscreen display

23.02.2002 Version 0.2b initial public release

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