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KSetiSaver compile instructions

KSetiSaver V0.3.2

This is the 0.3.2 release of KSetiSaver. This software is  considered
BETA. This version is the first one which runs under GCC3 based
distributions. After getting the same bug reports over and over again
I finally found the time to fix the compatibility issue with GCC3.

I am very sorry, that this release took so long, although it is only a
bugfix, but I had very little time for KSetiSaver the last few months.
I won't have much time for KSetiSaver in the next months also. Due to this
I will retire from active development for some time. However, I promise hereby
that I'll release bugfixes, in case they're neccessary and I'll release
them in a shorter time than than this one.

** Mandrake users: Please read the README.Mandrake file **
KSetiSaver was made for & with KDE 3.x. To install it do

 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ make install

The new screensaver should be available through the KDE control center.

If this doesn't work as expected: There may be some problems due to
slightly incompatible KDE versions

  ./configure may not detect the root of your KDE installation
  correctly (it defaults to /usr/local). To fix this use ./configure
  for S.u.S.E and Mandrake KDE3 prereleases this should be something like
    $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3/
  with the --prefix options. For some other Mandrakes use
    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/
If you have any problems (e.g. KSetiSaver does not appear in
KDEs screensaver control module consult the KSetiSaver FAQ
located at

For more information on installing and using KSetiSaver visit
the KSetiSaver homepage:

If this doesn't work for you go to
http://frozenlight.de/. (Find KSetiSaver via Enter -> Projects
 -> KSetiSaver)

If you encounter a problem (or better fix one ;-) ) mail to

You may write in german (which is my native language) or english.



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