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Latest Release: 0.3.4 (02.06.2003):
  • All bugfixes by Sebastian Muszynski
  • different client/datapath works now
  • better error messages

This is the home of KSetiSaver, a KDE screensaver frontend for the Linux seti@home client. You'll find more information about seti@home on the seti@home homepage.

What is KSetiSaver?

The seti@home project offers two different types of clients: A client with a graphical GUI and a pure command line client.
Unfortunately for Linux there's only a command client available. The command line client is quite fast compared to the Windows GUI version, but in my opinion WU crunching is much more fun when you can look on some cool graphics from time to time to really "see" what you are doing. Ok, this is the point where KSetiSaver kicks in: It acts as a normal screensaver for KDE. When it is launched it starts monitoring a seti@home client.
KSetiSaver is also able to launch setiathome. That means seti@home is only active, when the screensaver is. This way you get the same behaviour like you would with the Windows GUI client!

Please note: This feature was quite broken in the 0.2x series of KSetiSaver. This may only work in the most recent 0.3 versions

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I need people, who are able to build RPM distributions of KSetiSaver for their favourite distribution.
Compiling and installing KSetiSaver will ever be a tricky part because of the KSeitSaver.desktop issue (see FAQ). This can only be handled by experienced users. RPMs would be the only chance for less experienced users to get KSetiSaver working.

If you made a RPM package, which has not already be done mail it to sebastian@frozenlight.de and I will put it for download on this page!


Special thanks go to Gordon Machel. He developed KSetiWatch a KDE monitoring program for seti@home. He helped me a lot with the parsing of the .sah files and I ripped some functions from the KSetiwatch code.
Furthermore I would like to thank all KDevelop developers for making such a great IDE.
Last but not least: KSetiSaver would not have been possible without KDE. I always liked KDE as a user, but when I started programming I also learned to love the clever and powerful APIs.

Download latest KSetiSaver

If you like KSetiSaver, it would be nice if you leave me a small note in my guestbook.

KSetiSaver needs KDE3, but you can download older (=more bugs) versions which work with KDE2.

KSetiSaver source packages
KSetiSaver 0.3.4 tar.gz md5sum: 2efb42aebea56b8a1fa55f37604e149f

KSetiSaver RPM packages for Mandrake
These packages were done by Cyril Bosselut. You find them on Cyrils homepage: (http://b1project.com)

KSetiSaver package for Debian
This packages can be downloaded from various Debian mirrors. Get it here: http://packages.debian.org/unstable/kde/ksetisaver.html

KSetiSaver 0.3.2 RPM packages for PLD 1.0
This package was done by Marcin Kierus (mkierus@pld.org.pl)
Binary i686 RPM for PLD md5sum: 6e5e164ac318144d6b65e709f5773d1e

KSetiSaver 0.3.2 RPM packages for RedHat 8.0
This package were done by Charles R. Anderson (http://angus.ind.wpi.edu/~cra/)
Binary i386 RPM for RedHat 8.0 md5sum: 6aab5d970025d8eead6422e563932d02
Source RPM for RedHat8 8.0 md5sum: 45e928b73e324b510023ce202a42332d

KSetiSaver 0.3.4 RPM package for S.u.S.E. 9.0
This package was done by Harry Auschner
Binary i386 RPM for Suse 9.0 md5sum: 3acd3db0240d03248495206b098df010

KSetiSaver package for Slackware 8.1
This package was done by "pcxz" (http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/pcxz/)
Binary i686 tgz for Slackware 8.1 md5sum: 2880600b760636f0fdf710206f906abc

KSetiSaver packages for KDE2
These are older versions of KSetiSaver which run on KDE2 systems. All these KSetiSaver versions have bugs. The starting and stopping of setiathome works in NONE of them. However, if you don't need this feature these packages may work for you. You have been warned!
KSetiSaver 0.2.7 tar.gz source md5sum: a7889f93db342a2fc43e350d28ff9355
i386 binary RPM for S.u.S.E. 7.1
This package was done by Gordon Machel (http://ksetiwatch.sf.net)
md5sum: 3bad28629066680ce901f156af443034
i586 binary RPM for Mandrake 8.2 (by Cyril Boselut) md5sum: 6e6f12a4446d61f73bb11e614296ca7a
i386 binary package for Debian Woody
Package done by Filippo Panessa - Kalem (kalem@linux.it)
md5sum: f3978a8cd05e5b9d722573a472a65be2
i586 binary RPM for RedHat 7.2
This package was done by Jarno Saarinen
md5sum: 5636113f211a2274874a133ddee2500e


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