Screenshot AverTuner allows you to use the AVerMedia USB Radio under Linux.
AverTuner is a frontend for the http://av-usbradio.sourceforge.net/ project. This project develops a driver for the radio. Once the av-usbradio radio project develops a real V4L driver you can use any of the available V4L aware radio applications. As of yet (06/03/2005) there only exists a small command line application which controls the radio directly. Thus you need to deal with that command or use a frontend like AverTuner.

How to use AverTuner

Build the av-usbradio application

Important note: AverTuner and the av-usbradio driver are in development stage and should be considered alpha/beta quality software. This isn't for the faint of heart and you shouldn't await that anything will work out of the box.

First you need to make sure the "driver" from http://av-usbradio.sourceforge.net/ is working. Download and install the application. AverTuner has only been tested with the "av-usbradio-0.1a" release.

Note: You might need to change your amubsradio.h file. The original code awaits you hiddev device under /dev/usb/hiddev<X> while under some distributions (i.e Mandrake 2005 LE) that device file resides under /dev/hiddev<X>. In this case search for the line
#define HIDDEV_PATH "/dev/usb/hiddev%d"
and replace it with
#define HIDDEV_PATH "/dev/hiddev%d"

Requirements for AverTuner

To run AverTuner you need:

Run AverTuner

Download and unpack AverTuner. Copy the amusbradio executable into the avertuner directory (AverTuner already comes with an amusbradio executable which was compiled for Mandrake 2005 LE. Replace that executable if you use another distribution). Then enter the directory and start the application with python:
$ cd avertuner
$ python avertuner.py

Other important things

Download AverTuner 0.1 here

If you have any question or suggestions regarding AverTuner mail me.

Have fun with AverTuner!

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